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Appliance Servicing

What is boiler servicing?

Our certified gas engineers are experienced and thoroughly trained when it comes to boiler maintenance. Boiler servicing includes cleaning, testing, and checking your boiler, as well as preventive fault spotting to prevent major issues developing.  

Why is boiler servicing required?

Regular servicing is required even if there is nothing apparently wrong with your boiler and it appears to be working well. This type of servicing helps make you aware of the hidden faults in the system and can help you prevent further costly damage to the boiler.

What does boiler servicing include?

It includes preliminary checks as well as full servicing and examination of the boiler. It could range from:

·         Checking the proper functioning of the boiler system

·         Checking the appliance is appropriately located in the property

·         Examination of the gas supply pipes

·         Checking the ventilation

·         Removing the main burners, cleaning them and checking them for any damage

·         Checking gas joints for leaks

·         Advising the owner about any defects found in a formal examination note

This list is not an exhaustive one and states only the most common tasks undertaken for maintaining a boiler system. Icon Group Services are happy to service any requirements you may have.

Apart from the above services, We also deal in gas fires and gas cookers.

Services and maintenance of gas appliances

If you have any maintenance requirements with regard to your central heating or gas fire system, you can rely on us. We specialise in maintaining and installing gas appliances, as well as checks to maintain safety and prevent hazards.

Central Heating Installation

Today, the world has awakened to the problems of rising energy costs and depleting energy resources. In the UK, it is mandatory to acquire home energy certificates that demonstrate the energy efficiency of your property, and as a result, it is essential to have an efficient as well as cost-effective central heating system.

Icon Group offers a range of services that include designing and installing central heating systems. Our range of systems varies from complete central heating systems to individual combination boilers or radiators. Our services are comprehensive, including assessing your requirements, offering a range of heating solutions to choose from, and advising and installing your preferred system for you. We also perform wiring checks to see if the electrical fittings around the property are adequate to support your heating needs, as well as offering continuing maintenance to central heating systems that we have installed.

If it has been some time since your boiler was replaced, and your properties heating system needs modernising, or you are having widespread problems with inefficient heating in your home, Icon Group Services can fit a full central heating system to suit your needs. Alternatively, we might just suggest minor cost-effective repairs and replacements to improve your existing central heating system.

It is not always necessary to replace or overhaul the entire heating system. A genuine and reliable company will undertake a complete survey to identify the existing issues as well as all possible solutions. After having done this, we will notify you about the problems and advise you on remedial measures, so that you can decide on a future course of action. Icon Group Services believe in quality service, and will not advise to Install a new central heating system unless absolutely necessary. When the problem could easily be fixed by having new radiators fitted, or servicing your gas boiler, we are here to assist you and meet your requirements.

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